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Better Care for Employees:
The key to lowering your
total health costs 
Evaluating the ROI on Health Benefits:
A Free Medical Provider Scorecard
Healthcare costs make up a large part of your employee benefits expenses. In addition to calculating costs, it’s also important to measure other ways a provider can add value – employee morale, increased productivity, and decreased absenteeism.

So how can you effectively measure the return you can expect to receive from a medical provider?

Eden Health prides itself in providing an extraordinary level of care for your employees, while paying for much or all of its costs through reduced claims alone. And we've created this worksheet to help you evaluate how Eden Health measures up to your current and prospective medical providers.

Use this worksheet to examine your Return On Investment (ROI) in terms of:
     >  High-Cost Visits
     >  Direct Healthcare Costs
     >  Employee Health
     >  Program Enrollment
     >  Employee Satisfaction
     >  Productivity/Absenteeism
     >  Active Usage
     >  Retention

About Eden Health

Eden Health is a primary care and insurance navigation company for employers, designed to elevate the health and wellbeing of employees everywhere. We help employees navigate today’s complicated healthcare landscape across insurance, primary care and mental healthcare, so they can make smart, well-informed and cost-conscious decisions.